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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good idea or God idea - 10 proven principles from $0.01

Do you need to know what way to go? Do you want God to Show you the right way? To go your own way may sound like a good idea but it is not the optimal way since God has a better way for you. The book Good idea or God idea by Tim Storey shows us how to find out Gods way for us. The 10 principles are;
  1. Stop, Look, Listen - for the right place, right source and right voice
  2. Find your sixth sense - the sixth sense from God is better then the others combined
  3. Seek a personal revelation - Eliminating good ideas will help you find the God ideas
  4. Say no to knowing - Look beyond human reason
  5. Trust God in small places - When trouble hits, big ideas will come
  6. Get going - God will direct your steps as you go 
  7. Keep your Cool when things get hot
  8. Regain childlike trust - Good ideas may com to pass, but God ideas must
  9. Remember who's watching - God is looking out for you
  10. Press in to God - Be persistent, seeking your God idea

"This is how to get out of debt; this is what you should do; this is how to raise your family; this is how to get out of that situation"

Read it. I bought a copy for $0.01, you can find it here;  Good Idea or God Idea? 10 Proven Principles to Order Your Steps, Chart Your Course & Get You to Your Destination

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